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Pretty much like Thanos, our intentions have been quite dramatic - bringing the power of Extended Realities to the world - we’d be lucky if we reach the half of it - and bringing balance to the universe!


Through our InteriorVerse app, you can upload your room designs & literally walk around in it. Our state-of-the-art virtual reality app lets you upload any 3D model and look into the depths of your interior metaverse.

You can travel within your virtual environment, & scrutinize the interiors as per your liking. With no more extensive render periods, no more second & third consultations with the architects. Directly walk around within your rooms, and change stuff however you feel like.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

Alpha build v1.1

23rd March 2023

InteriorVerse has been developed by a small team of creative enthusiasts in a matter of a few months while mounting greater odds to deliver a solution that could empower millions. 

We're welcoming early-bird adopters, testers, and innovators to hone in on our work and provide us valuable feedback.

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